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David John Brady is a composer, producer and electronic musician whose solo and collaborative works seek to bring alive compassion, connection and emotion.


Born in Toronto, raised in Sheffield and currently based in Leeds, David began learning piano as a child, and today uses organic samples, processed field recordings, cassette loops and instrumental sequences to create his signature hypnotic soundscapes.


David’s 2021 release, (M)other is a soul-shaking, electronic journey through attachment and interdependence, and his latest singles Heartmath, and Arrows into Flowers are soaring ambient explorations of themes like fear, resilience and the tension between rationality and emotion.


Having played in several contemporary rock bands as a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and vocalist, David has a profound understanding of how sounds blend to create stirring musical stories that shift perspectives and arouse new feelings.


With a firm belief that music is one of our most powerful tools for processing pain, practising mindfulness and embracing vulnerability, David layers and manipulates sound to create a unique, chaos-defying catharsis.


Influenced by everything from Bach’s complex counterparts to Bonobo’s soaring soundscapes and the atmospheric ambience of Ólafur Arnalds, his music draws inspiration from both expansive scientific thought and classic musical technicality.


Since 2020, David has been one half of Collision Tapes, an experimental acoustic-electronic collaboration with Canadian cellist, Jake Klinkenborg. The duo’s debut album, Expand Never Stop, is a musical exploration of space, time and human nature, written and produced from either side of the Atlantic. David and Jake are currently working on Collision Tapes’ follow-up single.

Latest Releases

Artwork - We Are Vicious.jpg

'We Are Vicious' - a single released in late 2019 - is a song that takes influence from the darkness of the historic forms of treatment for mental health disorders - specifically the prefrontal lobotomy - in which the primary goal was to pacify a dangerous patient. The procedure could lead to death and was often followed by severe brain damage and suicidal tendencies. Hence the lyric "how many die

to die another death", if the mental illness was not bad enough, the trauma of an often forced surgery could be insurmountable.

Empirical Artwork 1.5.png

'Empirical' - released in spring 2020 - on the other hand, focuses on the power we can have over our destructive and often overwhelming thoughts. The lyrical content is simple David wanted to sing about some of the simple phrases which have helped him through tumultuous times. "I am lost again, I am found again" describes the peaks and crests of the waves of our emotions which we all ride throughout life, from extreme euphoria and love to the pits of despair and fear. One of the many antidotes for the fear and unwanted emotions David found is depicted in the main mantra of the song: "My mind is the sky and my thoughts are the clouds". It provides a different perspective to see our difficult thoughts and emotions, they are just passing and we are always inflow. 



David is currently in the process of mastering a collaborative album, entitled 'Expand Never Stop' under the name 'Collision Tapes'. David, along with his partner, Jake Klinkenborg - an expert cellist based in Vancouver, BC - came together remotely across the Atlantic in march 2020, whilst most of the world was forced to isolate and stay at home.  Both David and Jake are heavily influenced by classical and electronic music, which is showcased in their work still to be released, it is cinematic, haunting, and very technical, playing to each of the composer's abilities as classical musicians. Collision Tapes' first single 'Blotwork', is out now on all streaming platforms.

Reach out to Collision Tapes via:


Along with David's official musical releases, he has recently begun a series of weekly videos entitled 'Cassette Inquiries' where he performs short 'original' and 'inspired by' musical works, primarily using a 'Tascam 414 portastudio', a 4-track cassette tape recorder. These recordings showcase David's creativity when it comes to sound manipulation, by utilising both live synthesis, recorded and affected tracks, and outboard guitar pedals, he creates lush soundscapes that keep his content fresh and flexible. David is a huge fan of performing using analogue equipment, as it provides him with a sense of closeness to the music, in its purest form, the music can be littered with accidental errors and mistakes which only make the music more accessible and organic to David.


Copy of david test Bad Tendencies.png
These Thoughts Absorbed Artwork.png

In addition to his recent releases, a debut 2017 single 'Bad Tendencies' and subsequent 2018 EP 'These Thoughts Absorbed' were the start of his solo music career, with bad tendencies being broadcast on local BBC radio. These early releases gave a flavour of things to come and set the scene with ambient and cinematic electronica and showcased his initial musical experimentations that made a place for him within the broad genre of independent electronic music which he now comfortably calls home.


Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 17.10.50.png
Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 17.10.04.png

David is also a keen writer and has recently begun releasing semi-regular blog articles on the subjects of which he is passionate, including creativity, emotions, physics, and much more. They have been posted on - where David is hoping to share them with a wider audience and additionally begin some creative fictional writing ventures, inspired by his love of literature.



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